Summing up, virtual entertainment is good but only for a little time. These schemes make your eyes glued to the screen so much that you find it difficult to take your eyes off. Therefore, it is not a good omen for your body and eyes. Because your eyesight suffers and you become lethargic as well as less active and energetic. So the best way to pace yourself through your days is to time yourself while entertaining virtually through an alarm clock, reminding yourself when to go back to your day’s responsibilities.

Additionally, this life is too precious to waste long hours on entertainment that is virtual. Instead for a change, take your family out for a long drive and enjoy nature and the gentle breeze blowing your hair with soft music in the background CD player of your car. You will love it along with your kids and it will become an indelible memory years later when your kids will have left home for their own destinies and you will probably have only your spouse then to reminisce them with her.







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