The field is boundless with a wide range of concepts and principles. This field consists of numerous applications as it is the future of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Therefore, there is a huge need for skilled data scientists and professionals who are aware of the importance of this field.

Given below are some skills to be mastered to excel in this field.

Master your Basics: As beginners, it is extremely important to learn the basics. Without basic knowledge about the field, practical implementation would be difficult.

Sharpen your Programming Skills: Programming is yet another important skill to acquire to apply the different techniques effectively. R and Python are the most popular languages used in data science.

Statistical Skills: To derive meaningful insights from raw data and to build models, statistics is important. Basic knowledge of concepts like mean, median, mode, variance, normal distribution, etc., is mandatory.

In addition to the above-mentioned skills, there are many other domains to master to become a skilled data scientist. However, it is not mandatory to master all the domains. One should be an expert in at least one of the domains.


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